6 February 2016

Examination centres

ECCC Foundation welcome to cooperate by possibility of creation ECCC Examination Centre in yours institutions.

Functions and goals of ECCC Examination Centre:

  • Providing ECCC exams.
  • Obtaining a license permitted to take ECCC exams given by ECCC Foundation, confirmed by ECCC Central Examination Centre.

ECCC Examination Centre provides:

  • Organising and conducting ECCC exams.
  • Access to ECCC Examination Centre.
  • Printing certificates and passing them to participants.
  • Financal service of exams.

Conditions essential to obtain status of ECCC Examination Centre:

  • Signing an agreement with at least one ECCC examiner – there is a possibility to delegate an employee on ECCC examiners training.
  • Choosing an Administrator of ECCC examination centre responsible for organization and access to ECCC Examination System – that role can be delegate to ECCC examiner as well as to person chosen by management board of the institution after special training.
  • Obtaining an access to computer laboratory which fulfill conditions of ECCC examination centre.
  • Obtaining an access to the Internet – it is essential to download examination session.
  • Obtaining a printer – ECCC Examination Centre prints certificates according to functionality of ECCC Examination Centre and print of certificates with holograms delivered by ECCC Foundation.

Advantages for ECCC Examination Centre:

  • Prestige of the institution thanks to possibility of international standard’s certification.
  • Broadening the educational offer of the institution.
  • Possibility of gaining additional funds to finance the institution activity.