4 February 2016


ECCC sets competence standards for IT users on different levels: from Foundation, through Intermediate and Advanced until Highly Specialised. Areas of IT usage has been divided into General and Professional. General Area of competences consists of the following ECCC Certification modules: Computer Hardware and Software, Document Processing, Spreadsheet Calculations, Data Bases, Multimedia, ICT, Mobile Technology. Within professional area there are the following modules as: e-Education and Healthcare. The list of professional areas is gradually updated. The range of competences on particular levels and in particular modules are defined precisely in syllabuses.

Variety of areas and levels of competence in ECCC Certification enables flexible adjustment of the level of certified competences and knowledge to specific requirements on different working positions and in different professions. Appropriate selection of adequate areas and levels of competences are supported by Matrix of ECCC Competences.

The degree of fulfilling requirements on a particular level in a particular area is verified by ECCC examination. The duration and content of examination varies depending on the level and area. ECCC certificate is granted to a beneficiary after successfully passed examination. The grade on the certificate is expressed in percentage. There are no entrance requirements to take ECCC examination. Person wishing to be examined independently and voluntarily chooses particular level and area.

Dear Employers,
Incompetent employees are measurable loses for your business. They work more slowly, make more mistakes and spend more time correcting mistakes. They spend time learning instead of doing their job, everything within working time that you are paying. Every employer requires from employees competences appropriate on a particular working position. A job candidate with ECCC Certificate is a proof of getting a person with adequate skills and competences. Check what you can expect from your employees in ECCC Competence Matrix.

Dear Employees,
ECCC Certificate gives you better opportunities on the labour market. Passing an objective external ECCC examination and getting a formal proof of your digital skills and competences makes you more attractive candidate for potential employers. Check in ECCC Competence Matrix what computer competences future employers might expect from you.

Dear European Citizen,
You are living in XXIst century, era of IT rapid development, era when world became a global village and life became easier. You will be able to fully enjoy possibilities given by modern IT if you have appropriate competencies. Do not wait, and start building your individual progress path now! Get higher levels of knowledge, skills and competencies, and be an active member of e-society. Otherwise, you will not be able to make use of benefits our civilization has to offer. Choose an area, module, level and take ECCC Examination to check your digital competencies.

Dear Training Centers,
ECCC Certificate is an ideal tool to show “hard results” you your training projects, especially these co-financed by public resources. External examination rises effectiveness by boosting motivation of both students and trainers during teaching-learning process. Its is also an objective means of measuring quality of your training. Do not hesitate to try, see how to use ECCC Certification in a training project.

ECCC Certificate is a Polish initiative to support information society development in Europe.