The system of ECCC certification does not impose an order of passing an individual modules and levels


The structure of ECCC exams meets competences’ requirements definite in ECCC syllabus


The result of the exam is announced as percentage value what helps define a level of competences.


ECCC exams are carried out with support of ECCC Examination System, which creates random exams and checks the answers.

Immediate gratuity

According to ECCC exams on level A and B ECCC examination system instantly verifies exams, gives back results and prints ECCC certificate. There is no delay in hand on certificate and examinee does not pay special for the certificate.


Alongside with development of computer science and communication technology and its appliance there are created new modules of ECCC certification competences. It allows to fit certification to changing world.


Thanks to features like flexibility, preciseness, expansion, platform independence and possibility of fitting the level and range of certification to trainee needs ECCC certification system is innovative in European scale